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Eglise Evangélique Presbytérienne du Togo (EEPT)
B. P. 2

Tel.: 00228 2214669
Fax: 00228 2222363
Mail: eeptbs[at]laposte.tg

Just as the E. P. Church (Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana), the Eglise Evangélique Presbytérienne du Togo (EEPT) came out of the Ewe Church, which was founded by German missionaries in 1847. The mission started in the Volta Region with the Ewe people who had settled there. The first parish on the nowadays to Togo belonging area was founded in 1893. Nowadays, this date stands for the foundation of the EEPT. With its actual name, the Togolese church exists since 1922, when on its first synod in Kpalimé the Ewe Church proclaimed its independence and divided into E. P. Church and EEPT. They kept a common constitution.

In 1981, the structure of administration of the EEPT was decentralized. Since then, it is divided into different regions and districts. It was the aim to make the work of the church more transparent and effective. Nowadays, the church consists of 778 parishes in 149 districts, that are pulled into six ecclesiastic regions. The "Inspecteur ecclésiastique" is responsible for them.

The EPPT has more or less 135000 members, it has 120 female and male pastors.

For example, the church runs:

- 5 healthcare centres
- 138 primary schools with 29000 pupils
- 8 JSS1 and JSS2 schools with 5700 boys and girls

There are international partnerships with the Bremen Mission (since 2001, the EPPT is an equal member) and CEVAA (Communauté Evangélique d'action Apostolique), Montpellier.