Material for the topic "What is your mission"

For confirmands and Sunday schools

What is my mission? This question is asked in a concrete and direct way:  What do I have to do urgently? But also on a higher level: What does God want from me? What did he entrust me? What tasks does he give to me?
In this collection of materials for children and youths, we exactly ask this question: What is your mission? Through people who already have exact and clear tasks and expectations.
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Six Suggestions for sermons

With this booklet, we introduce to you six suggestions for meditations dealing with main issues of the campaign. For this, we were able to win six female and male pastors of our six member churches in Northern Germany and West Africa, who are related to the topic in one or the other way. We asked them to use one of the posters and write a biblical-practical-theological meditation about a suggested Bible text.

We do not understand mission as being a task of professional experts or particularly profiled parishes or works, but as a part of life philosophy of everyone. We are able and also may search for it and hopefully we can discover why God has given life to us which we may start newly every day: What task is given to us in our life? What for and where shall I lead my life?

Here, you find materials to download.


 Leitet Herunterladen der Datei einHere, you find a pdf-presentation to start talking about the topic "What is our mission?"


Here, you find image files of the posters:

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