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Theological consultations

Theological consultations

The Bremen Mission and their German sponsoring churches and parishes intensively participate in the practical support and reflection on the missionary and development work. The common responsibility for the Mission has been established through a contract in 1980. At the same time, both in the North and in the South the interest grew to consider solidarity as a common learning process. Partnership groups started mutual visits; journeys of encounter and theological consultations served to deepen the mutual understanding of faith, development and culture. Also animated discussions about different views are an important element of these encounters.

Their topics reflect both, the theological and developmental challenges of the churches:

  • In 1986 in Bethania, Togo: "You will be my witnesses - The whole Gospel for the whole human being."

  • In 1988 in Bremen, Germany: Melagbe-theology - an independent African theology

  • In 1996 in Hamburg, Germany: Can Christians and Muslims pray together?

  • In 1999 in Ho, Ghana: The challenges through the new charismatic groups

  • In 2002 in Agome-Tomegbe, Togo: AIDS as challenge to the churches

  • In 2005 in Langeoog, Germany: Common mission in different contexts

  • In 2009 in Peki, Ghana:  Preserving human dignity

  • In 2013 in Kpalimé, Togo: The charming God - attractions and step stones in our common mission

In 2001, this process of intensive exchange and integration led to the fact that the two African and the four German churches are represented equally within all Bremen Mission committees according to a new constitution of the Bremen Mission. Because of that the perspective of mission has finally changed which now strives for supporting each other in a missionary way within the different cultural, economic, social and political contexts.