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Enabling independence

Consequences of war and loss of colonial rule



Christian Baeta (1908-1994): Theology and Politics of Ghana's independence.

Colonialism and mission

The Bremen Mission, founded in 1836, found itself in a special situation when its missionary region was split up between two colonial powers: the British Gold Coast constituted foreign territory, whereas, in the German colony Togo, it was considered the national mission.

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Robert Kwami

The so-called „Robert Kwami-affair“ was triggered off by the National Socialists in Oldenburg who tried to prevent Robert Kwami (1879-1945), a Ghanaian pastor, from presenting a lecture in the St. Lamberti Church on September 20th, 1932.

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A large chair

For many years, church life and the engagement of Bremen Mission in Togo were embossed with political problems. On January 13th, 1963, the history of Togo gained a deplorable famousness.

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