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Development projects of the church mainly support women and children.

The whole Gospel for the whole human being

For a long time, the task of Bremen Mission was understood to cover only the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the purpose of rescuing „lost souls” in Africa.

After Togo became independent, the church in Togo developed its own missionary approach: The salvation in Christ means that God intends to renew the world in which we live. The soul is not a separate part of human beings; it inspires the whole person who is the target of the mission work. Christians shoulder this task. Through many development projects, they try to help people live a life worth living. They thereby depend on God’s word which promises us life in a new world.

The congregation in Guerinkouka built its own chapel.

Changing the religion, i.e. converting non-Christians, is no longer the main target. The central objective is rather the realisation of God's word in different areas of life such as cultural, economic, political as well as in family, health and education.

For this reason, the partner churches who are involved assist all people to actively spread „God's whole word“ in their lives and to live with God each day. Thus the Evangelical mission can have an impact on the daily lives of people.