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Co-worker of the Evangelical women’s Department for development and solidarity.

Women in Togo devise perspectives

COPFEDES is an evangelical women’s association for development and solidarity responsible for women and children. Through courses women learn to read and write or learn about developing a balanced diet for their families.

The so-called development agents/officers of the project go directly into the villages and pay visits to the women. To start with, they sing together with the women, songs dealing with topics like „development” and „family planning”. As an example, a sketch deals with the questions „What do I do if my husband spends all our money in drinking alcohol?” or „How can we protect ourselves against sexually transmitted diseases?” Subsequently, the women discuss together how to deal with difficult situations. They develop individual perspectives which are suitable for their life situations.

With children, they treat topics of everyday life such as how to deal with violence or first measures after a snake bite. Frequently, the men of the village are welcome onlookers. In this manner, topics concerning women and children reach the whole village, bringing it one step forward. For example if a new well is dug through the initiative of the women or energy saving fireplaces are installed for the kitchens.