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Women can increase the family income by selling snails.

New sources of income for women

Agricultural self-help groups are part of the programs for primary and secondary education and training for people in Togo and Ghana. The objective is to teach women how to earn money in order to secure their existence. The breeding of snails in the model farm of the E. P. Church (Ghana) „Bremen Village” provides an example.

The image of the African extended family where old people and women are looked after does not correspond with today's reality. Widows, specifically, are frequently completely without means, because there is neither welfare support nor medical aid. By learning how to breed snails, they gain competence to care for themselves and their families. 

Snails are a delicacy. Due to their protein content, they guard against malnutrition. It is not difficult to breed them, 200 of them can be held on one square meter, and they are fed with leaves and kitchen waste. To protect the animals, it is sufficient to have a foil on the ground against ants and a wire net cover against birds.

Since snails are difficult to come by during the dry season, one can make good profits by rearing them.The participants of these courses come from Ghana and the neighbouring countries.