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The pick-up-pharmacy of the mobile clinic goes into remote villages, too.

A health station in Ghana

The health station in Dzemeni is one of many of its kind in Ghana und Togo. With the support of Bremen Mission, treatment is provided for the rural population having no other access to medical services.

If the medicine man of the village cannot help, the patients go to the health station. They are examined by a hospital nurse who is authorised to issue prescriptions. Furthermore, there are two attendants; a doctor comes only occasionally. Since Dzemeni is the most important market in that area, not only locals but also people from other places come for treatment. On average, 30 people per day are attended to. They suffer, among others, from Malaria, serious dysentery or high blood pressure. Especially during the dry season illnesses of the lungs and of the skin are frequent due to the dusty air.

„Fortunately, we have four beds. Therefore, we can provide stationary treatment to the patients, if necessary“, recounts Janet Kwami. „For more serious cases, the hospital in Peki is appropriate, 30 kilometres from here. We have, however, no vehicle. If someone has to be transferred there, a taxi has to be paid for.”