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Music and dance: The “Nyanyuikadi Choir” in the Möllenbeck Monastery.

The taste of music, modified by time
 In the African culture, music and dance were not only an essential element of festivities and rituals, but also an important part of everyday life. This kind of music and dance was strange to the missionaries. They thought having a quite music was a way to praise God. Therefore, the missionaries tried to direct the Ewe-music into „religious channels” and they made very negative remarks regarding the so-called „wild music“.

In the meantime, African church music enjoys ever increasing popularity in Germany. The choir project „sounds of togetherness” bears a vivid witness to this fact: The Togolese teacher Jean-Paul Nenonene helps German congregations to appreciate  African church music, culture and the commitment of the church in the development area.Creating joy through musicAfricans express not only their happiness but also their anxieties and expectations through prayer, music and dance. Thus, the music becomes a means of communication and therapy. In Africa, music and dance are as equally important in church as prayer, bible reading and the sermon. Therefore, music is applied in this manner even today in order to convey important messages, for instance, to enlighten young people and adults regarding health.