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Being old is no as it was before
In the old days, very old people were hardly to be found. But the expectations of life climb and the birth rates decrease, in Europe, Africa and Asia. Young people are more and more mobile and so they are not always around when their parents get old and need help.

Parishes against loneliness

No human shall be lonely, and not at all lonely, sick and helpless. We live in more and more anonymized societies where not everybody knows his neighbor. Our parishes know that they have to be there especially for widows. We have an obligation to break through loneliness and invite people who live alone to us.

Everything starts small

We as human beings start small, grow and with God's help, we can work great things. Also mission and social welfare started with small groups of engaged Christians. We are establishing our work with and for elderly people in the South. But this work will grow much bigger.

"Exhibition "Woman gets older"

Our exhibition shows how societies and especially lives of elderly people change. Exemplarily, four engaged women from Germany and four engaged women from West Africa get introduced. Further topics are demography, poverty of elderly people and initiatives of the churches in Africa. "Woman gets older" contains 18 posters in A2-Format in total. You can order the posters on frames or plastics. You can also pick prepared poster in our branch in Bremen. We offer the exhibition to parishes and institutions for elderly people for free. We are happy about a collection for our work for women in Togo and about an invitation to the Vernissage.

If you would like to reserve "Woman gets older", call us or send us an email to discuss details. 0421 4677038 / info[at]

You are curious, now?
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In a study and meeting program, the Bremen Mission brought people from Ghana, Togo and Germany together who are responsible in parishes, ambulant or hospitals and work with elderly people. We strengthen and support the wide range of engagement of the churches for elderly people.

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"What does old mean? - Changing societies - getting old in Ghana, Togo and Germany"