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Volunteers Program in Ghana and Togo

A year of volunteering

One year as a volunteer in Ghana or Togo

School or apprenticeship is nearly over. But what will happen afterwards?

You could directly start working or you could study. But what is the right way? You could have a little job and then lay down at the beach. At the end, you are one year older and maybe a little tanned.

Or you apply for a one-year voluntary service in Togo or Ghana, learn a new language, work in a kindergarten, a school or with street children and make experiences you will never forget. In the end, you are not just one year older but many more years wiser. One year in West Africa: Going there one time and coming back differently

Volunteers get to know what connects people in this world.

Would you like to get out of everyday life? With the economical missionary program of volunteers program of the Bremen Mission you can be useful your interests and talents in Ghana and Togo.

In West Africa, it is normal to talk about God and faith. That's why, we would like young people with us who have experience in working with youths and are open for other forms and faith and Christianity.

When you have applied successfully, you participate in intensive preparation seminars, so that you will be well-prepared before travelling to West Africa.
There, you live in an apartment, most times with another volunteer, you work in a project and are well integrated in the perish.
Having returned to Germany, you will exchange your experiences with other volunteers and reflect experiences.

See the interview with Anna and Lara.

* duration of program: 12 months
* number of: 4
* place of action: West Africa

Places of action:
* project for street children
* schools (for example IT- music or German classes)
* kindergartens

Our volunteers program in cooperation with the United Evangelical Mission (VEM) is recognized in coverage with the "weltwärts"  programm of the Ministry of Economic Cooperation.

The actual flyer of the program, you find here.

Target group
Our program is open to all young, motivated, socially engaged people aged between 18 and 28 years. For legal reasons it is important that you have reached the age of majority when you start the journey. Especially, we like applicants who have finished school or apprenticeship, we also welcome applicants who are physically challenged or have a disease. We try our best to find places that fit for them.

We are looking forward to your applications.

You can send us a written application until the 15th October of the year. It is enough to download the application forms and fill it in. (Please, do not attach a photo!) And if you have, include references about your work in parishes, as teamer at trips for young people, in one-world-groups, in sports associations, etc.

Here, you can find the conditions of the program.

Here., you can find the preparation program, the ones you will do when you are in the place of action and the program you will attend when you return.



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