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Change of view: An exchange program

During their Theological consultation 2005 in 2005 with the topic "Common mission in different contexts", the six member churches of Bremen mission agreed upon helping each other to meet challenges and supporting each other to recognize the missionary and ecumenical instruction of the churches in their respective contexts.

That is why, the change of view program aims to strengthen the missionary and politically developing and social welfare engagement of the churches, perishes and works of the member churches of Bremen Mission in their different contexts.

Eight pastors from Germany, Ghana and Togo visit each other for four weeks. They participate in the respective work of their ecumenical colleague and regard their work and the work of their colleague using central questions concerning the ecumenical-missionary responsibility of the churches.

Through this program, the common missionary engagement and the politically developing competence of the parishes in our member churches in Ghana, Togo and Germany shall be strengthened. Especially, employees of the church shall:

Getting to know the work of their ecumenical partners through intensive meetings.
Learn, how churches, parishes and Christians in different contexts see social and politically developing responsibility.
Gove impulses for a missionary and politically developing engagement of their church and their partner church.

Central questions:
What are the missionary challenges to our churches, today?
How do our churches and parishes the social responsibility in the departments of social welfare and development?
How can our churches help and strengthen and learn from each other?
What does it mean for the churches in the North and the South to be one church in a globalized world?
Which personal target of learning and which changes result out of the "Change of view"?
What can be my contribution to talk in my church about the topics of political development and mission?

Target group:
Theologians from the four German and two African member churches of the Bremen Mission.
Pastors of parishes
From each German member church, up to two pastors can participate, so eight in total. Out of the African member churches, up to four pastors can participate, so they are eight, as well.
When they are chosen, there has to be made sure a fairness of Gender and a regionally adequate spreading.       
 Participants shall have the possibility to share their experiences and agitate as multiplier.

Expectations towards participants:

Good knowledge of language:
(English for Ghana, French for Togo)
interest in intercultural topics and
Being ready to enter into processes of learning
Interest in mission and political development questions
Age up to 50 years and a stabile health

Two seminars for preparation:

Four weeks in Ghana or Togo

Four weeks reception of a Ghanaian or Togolese colleague in the own parish

Two seminars of evaluation

Here, you find an info flyer to download

Application forms, you find here

Those who are interested, please contact Heike Jakubeit