Nowadays, mission happens in the way of meeting people. We are characterized by different experiences and cultures, each one of us has a different way to stand in the world and we have different ways of believing how God's power works for us.

We are convinced that we can learn a lot from each other. For that, we need time to listen to one another and to tell our stories. Sharing everyday life is an experience.

That is why, many different forms of meetings play an important role in our work: Youths, women and theologian meet for study trips and consultations, we offer internships that take several weeks for those who work for the church, as well as an ecumenical program for volunteers.

To that also belongs the support of partnerships between perishes and church groups as for example the Evangelical Presbyterian (E.P.) Church in Ghana (Chereponi, Bimoa, Nkwanta, Saboba-District) and the and the lippische Landeskirche (Klasse Bösingfeld, Detmold, Horn, Blomberg) or the partnership between Hude and Houdé in Togo.

We believe that God uses people from all corners of the world as tools of his peace. That is why we stay with each other by sharing, putting up things, hoping and in prayer.
In the midst of the worldwide church we participate in God's mission that leads us to brotherly community with the poor and needy.