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Water, for example

Every day, Agnes and Lydia walk five kilometres to the river.

Their mission: Fetching water. Because without water, nothing works.

Our program to build wells wants to give Agnes, Lydia and thousands of other women the possibility to lead a better life.

That is our mission.

What is yours?

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Education, for example

Emefa wants to finish school, successfully.
To become an engineer, so that she can build a good road to her village.

Our scholarship program helps Emefa on her way.

That is our mission.

What is yours?

Health, for example

Gyan had worms in the intestine.

His mission: To recover completely because his family needs him.We support the healthcare centre in Gyan's village.

That is our mission.

What is yours?



Climate justice, for example

The rein did not come. The village prays for it to come, finally. Anthony prays, too, because the fields of his family are especially dry.

We pray for the politics to act, finally.

Both belong to our mission.

What is yours?

Farming, for example

Today, Daniel has to work.
His mission: helping his parents to harvest the sugar cane.

Our farming program wants to support his family, so that Daniel can go to school.

That is our mission.

What is yours?

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Was ist deine Mission?

Wir möchten Menschen ermutigen, ihr Lebensengagement in Bezug auf andere zu gestalten.

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