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German and African women direct the consultation jointly.

Women’s consultations: the mission's places of learning

Every four years, Bremen Mission organises a women’s consultation. Women from the six partner churches meet, in turn, in Ghana, Togo and Germany. In 2004, the central topic of the consultation was „Sexual education of young people“, in 2008 the topic was „Education of girls and women – a key for development”.

The objective of the consultations is to promote the exchange between women from different countries and contexts. During the consultations, group work and exchange of experiences take place, but the program includes the visit to projects, too. The women pass a joint resolution which they intend to implement in their churches. To achieve their objectives, they present the results to the churches. Suitable materials for group work are elaborated.

The topic sex education is introduce

The participants report on the conferences in their churches and give talks.Furthermore, they give information about their work in parish newsletters.

The German participants come from the „women’s council” of Bremen Mission.If possible, the women’s council supports and accompanies the work of women in Ghana and Togo.