Donkeys are a step forward to increasing production.

The project farm „Bremen-Village“

Operating economically sustainable and to earn more money by oneself. These are the objectives of the services of the project farm „Bremen Village” in Ghana. The reason is the strong price decline of 62 per cent for cocoa on the world market between 1977 and 1982. Cocoa is still the most important export commodity of Ghana, the second largest producer in the world. But in spite of that, the cocoa farmers remain poor since they receive only 10 per cent of the selling price. The industrialised countries buy the cocoa but they produce the chocolate themselves, earning substantial profits. The consequences are unemployment and migration into cities.

Bremen Mission and E. P. Church are fighting against these drawbacks in „Bremen Village“, a training and consulting centre for farmers, the disabled, teachers and other multipliers.

The topics offered are background knowledge in farming and agricultural economics, sustainability, long-term planning and information about health, hygiene, family planning and HIV/AIDS. Participants learn in a practical manner to supplement traditionally cultivated plants and animals or replace them with others: for instance cultivating mushrooms and vegetables, rearing rabbits, goats and bees instead of cultivating cocoa.