With Health Stations and Mobile Clinic
against Malaria and other illnesses.


Two Euros against Malaria

Anyone who falls sick in an African Village turns in most cases first to the traditional healer.  After diagnosing the ailment, he tries to effect a cure by using medicinal herbs.  This is however not for free.  The Medicinal herbs help in few cases but against Malaria cases, they do not have any chance.  The Relatives of the Patients are however happy when a Health Station or Clinic of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana can be located in the neighborhood.  At such places favourable medicines and even more could be accessed – First Aid, good advice or counseling and the best mode or method of treatment.

Dzemeni has about 17 kilometres on the Hohoe to Peki road and is very close to the Volta River/Sea.  It is a very lively place with a very big market at the Coast of Sea or the Volta River.  For the medical care of the population, a Hut in the market has been used for a long time.  Meanwhile the Health Personnel have moved into another building.  The Church has over the years bought a piece of land, and with the assistance of Congregations in America put up a “Clinic”, a Health station, however without a Medical Doctor.  The Church however saw to it that trained nurses took up the work in Dzemeni.

As an Institution of the Church, the Health Station tries as much as possible to help everybody who needs medical care or attention.  “Assistance during birth with us is free”, the midwife said gladly.

“For the remaining Consultations however, we must raise up the fee – depending on the severity of the sickness.  “We charge for example between 25,000 to 30,000 Cedis (2.00 to 2.50 Euro) for the treatment of Malaria.  A comparison here:  A teacher in Ghana earns 15,000 Cedis monthly “Not all patients however can raise that money for the drugs” the Midwife remarked.  “Nevertheless, to be able to help them, it would be wonderful, if we had a Fund from which we could at least pay for the cost of drugs in such cases.


The supporter of the Health Station is the Evangelical Presbyterian church.  They buy Medicines or Drugs in large quantities which they later offer to the Health Stations at favourable prices.  Their prices are much cheaper than on the open market.  Besides, the profit that they make from the sale of the medicines enables them to pay the salaries and allowances of the nurses.

A few patients have already given out their money to the Traditional Healers before coming to the Health Station.  This makes it impossible to meet the cost of the Medicines at the Health Station.  In such cases it is only the Nurse who has to administer the life saving remedy or medicine free of charge.

The “Mobile clinic” of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church works within the vicinity of Ho.  They cater for 13 villages with special emphasis on children.  Once in a month, the Mini-Bus visits the villages where children are immunized and Mothers are advices on Good and Healthy nutrition.  Children are also weighed in a scale hanged on a tree.  In the process, the children are made to sit in a special short made for them.  They are also immunized against Tuberculosis and poliomyelitis.  Their mothers have been all given ‘Weighing and Immunization Cards, into which the children’s weight and Immunizations are accordingly entered.  Children sick with malaria are given medicines.

Other diseases are also treated – the most common ones being Malaria, Diarrhea, Snake bites and injuries sustained while working on the Field.  Also here, drugs are given out virtually free, because only small amounts of money are collected.  Anyone who is seriously sick is transferred to Ho Government Hospital.  It is often difficult for the one who is severely sick in terms of transportation, should the “Mobile Clinic” Mini Bus be in another village.

The severely sick must be transported to Ho anyhow.  Most of them die during such transportation.  Die Mobile Clinic also distributes old clothing; they also educate women non Family Planning and HIV/AIDS.

The Financing of the Church’s Health Stations as well as the Mobile Clinic is a permanent Financial Balance act or deed.  Assistance or support from Germany is urgently needed.  The North German Mission is collecting Donations for both Institutions or establishments and wish to remind you that; 2.00 to 2.50 Euros is the cost of Malaria treatment.